The danger of fire looms large for us all, and, according to forecasters, will remain a threat for quite some time. As good neighbors in Block House Creek, we can reduce the risk of grass fires within our neighborhood and help one another simultaneously.

Speak Up!

Your Good Neighbor  Committee is asking residents to help identify homes that need assistance with mowing or removal of debris as a means of lessening the danger of fire. Maybe that’s your home. Maybe that’s your neighbor’s home. All that is required is that you make your Good Neighbor Committee aware of the need and the address (if you are speaking up on behalf of a neighbor, please do consult with the homeowner and attain their permission to work on their property first). Make your need and contact information known via the website’s home page contact or e-email As a privacy protection measure, please do not post requests for assistance for someone other than yourself on Facebook.

Step Up!

In order to meet requests for assistance, your Good Neighbor Committee is going to need neighbors to step up to the plate! Anyone willing to mow and remove debris for a neighbor in need is asked to make the Committee aware of your willingness to participate. When you respond, please provide your contact information, what type of assistance you are able to provide, and what types of equipment you may or may not have available to you. Once you have responded, your name will be placed on the list of providers and you will be contacted when a particular need arises. Again, that’s via the website’s home page contact, e-mail, or via Facebook.

Your Good Neighbor Committee will coordinate scheduling between homeowners and those willing to assist. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tree of Hands