Working in cooperation with Kelly-Moore Paints, your Architectural Committee has devoted a great deal of time and energy to identifying new color samples for exterior painting. Residents can obtain the new color chart through Kelly-Moore, 400 West Whitestone Blvd.

It may be a bit confusing to determine exactly which areas of your home are designated as trim and which as accent areas. The rendering provided below should help delineate for owners where trim or accent colors may apply. Note: A trim color may be used as an accent color if not used for trim; it is recommended that accent colors be used sparingly. The color chart available from Kelly-Moore will be helpful in identifying classic color combinations.

Because there are many exterior designs in Block House Creek, every question cannot be answered with a single rendering. Should you need any type of clarification, please contact the Architectural Committee via the contact block, home page, bottom right. Members will be glad to assist you with your painting project.

It is not mandatory that owners purchase directly from Kelly-Moore. Feel free to present samples to other vendors should you so desire. All nearby vendors will work with you to achieve an exact or very close match.