In the past month, conversation has been held with a number of residents alerting your Association to ongoing problems with barking dogs. We all love our pets but our neighbors don’t always love them.

If your dog is barking, it is bothering more than one neighbor. It may be keeping your neighbor up, you know, the one who sleeps during the day due to work hours. Or that newborn and mother who are trying to nap during the day. Yes, your barking dogs are keeping Mom and the baby awake. It may be nearby neighbors who simply want a good night’s sleep. Please be considerate of others. We live in a tight knit community and neighbors are not always comfortable knocking on your door to ask that your dog(s) be kept quiet.

Being a pet owner is a responsibility. You must control their behavior. You must clean up and dispose of their waste and not let it affect your neighbor’s property. You must keep your dogs on your own property or they must be on a leash. By all means, do not let your dog(s) wander the neighborhood.

As per our Deed Restrictions, residents are only permitted to have four animals at one time on the property with no more than two of the animals being dogs. If you have three or more dogs on your property, you are in violation. Our yards are not big enough to accommodate the needs of more than two dogs.

It can’t be emphasized enough. Block House Creek is a neighborhood of proactive residents who desire positive relationships with neighbors. Let’s all work diligently to ensure that such neighborhood rapport not only remains in place but grows stronger. If we are to make that happen, barking dogs must not be a point of contention.