A Neighborhood Watch program is a valuable protection resource. A Neighborhood Watch operates under two principles:

  • Neighbors getting to know and watch out for each other, and
  • Neighbors watching out for each others property as though it were their own.

The participants make their neighborhood a safer place to live by adopting a more observant attitude, and, as a result, becoming more aware of strange cars, persons, or circumstances. By having a Neighborhood Watch program in place, residents will soon develop a daily habit of being more observant, not only in their own area, but throughout Block House Creek.

You can make a difference. If you observe situations out of the ordinary, it is important to be able to provide responding officers with important details, such as a description of the suspicious individual, what behavior is being displayed, and, if a vehicle is involved, a vehicle description, license plate number, and which direction the suspicious person is headed.

Help look out for your neighbors. Call the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department, 512-943-1389, if you observe any suspicious activity. If the situation is determined to be an emergency, call 911.