Welcome to your Association’s new newsletter, all 12 pages! If you’ve never before experienced a flip doc, you are in for an exciting surprise. We think you’ll find it a fun and informative way to produce and distribute your Spring, Summer and Fall editions.

Table of Contents:

Page 1: Block House Creek on the Fourth; Page 2: Going High-Tech, to you from Publicity Chair Pam Phillips; Page 3: Music on the Green; Page 4: The Value of Volunteering, Meet the Pratts; Page 5: BHC’s 5K Family Fun Run, Meet the Amslers; Page 6: Single Stream Recycling, How Green Can We Go; Page 7: Protecting Our Water Supply; Pages 8 and 9: Our Yard of the Month Winners; Page 10: Improving the Value of Your Home; Page 11: Neighborhood Watch, Curb Appeal; Page 12: Feral Cats and a Location Option for Resolution. Once you’ve read through every page, e-mail Pam Phillips, pamlabee@sbcglobal.net, with your opinion.

To take the flip doc full screen, simply click the crossed arrows at bottom left. To exit full screen, use your keyboard’s escape key.