Meet Fantastic Volunteers Teresa and Josh Stover

It’s hard to take part in any Block House Creek event without seeing Teresa Stover, and often her husband Josh, lending a helping hand! You’ll find her hard at work during such community-wide events as lining the loop with flags on the Fourth of July and assisting in the celebration, Light Up the Night, and serving as a National Night Out hostess. For our kids, she offers up her expertise by leading gymnastic classes at Jumano Park. On the fifth of July, a workday which limited the ability of residents to participate, it was Teresa, her daughter, and a BHC OA Committee Chair who teamed up to tackle a really tough job. They braved the heat and retrieved ALL of the flags along the loop! What’s more, you’ll find Teresa taking part as well as helping out during the types of sporting activities she, her children, and Josh, dearly love—softball, boot camps, water aerobics, bike riding, and running! Those who participate in the 5K Fun Run give a round to applause to Teresa for her sponsorship of the event. Smoking Out Crime in Block House Creek cooks value both Teresa and Josh as judges!

Residents since 2002, Teresa and Josh describe Block House Creek as a safe, open, and broad-based community. “We chose to buy in Block House Creek for a number of reasons, of course the amenities, but also the community feel. In our years here, we’ve made so many close friends, the kind you can count on, and we’re still meeting new people. We feel the same as many other Block House residents do. Everything we want is here.”

In addition to the contributions the Stovers make on behalf of the Association, Teresa and Josh provide community leadership by serving as members of the Board of Block House Creek Elementary’s PTA, the Tidal Waves Swim Team Board, and the Wiley Middle School Athletics Board. Teresa also sponsors a monthly book club entitled “Toward the Stars”, which is dedicated to helping mothers and daughters learn to meet new and difficult challenges. As for Josh, he proudly participates in a school effort, Watchdog Dads, designed to make males more visible in schools.

“We love the Association and what it does for the community so much that we’re always ready to jump in. Josh and I want to enrich the efforts, to do what we can to protect the open community feel that drew us years ago to Block House Creek.”

Congratulations to Outstanding Volunteer Teresa Stover and her fantastic family.