A highly popular program administered by the Association’s Maintenance and Safety Committee is Yard of the Month. Typically, five homes are honored each month, April through September. However, in light of the new Stage 3 water restrictions that began August 1st and in an effort to promote authorities’ mandated requirements, the Committee has opted to reduce, until further notice, the number of Yard of the Month winners from five to three.

With water becoming a precious commodity in drought stricken areas, xeriscaping, defined as a method to conserve water through the use of creative landscaping, has become a very hot topic. This green technique has spread throughout the country as drought conditions have worsened. Clearly, xeriscaping is an idea whose time has come. Xeriscaped yards not only serve as a way to ease the impact on our diminishing water supply but, according to landscaping experts, can raise property values, improve curb appeal, curtail the need to frequently mow, and reduce the cost of fertilizing and pest control. Yes!  Xeriscaped yards will be strongly considered during the Maintenance and Safety’s Yard of the Month judging process.

A drive through Block House Creek will reveal that many residents are xeriscaping. Should you be thinking about xeriscaping, information on the subject is available on the Association’s website in an article entitled “The Value of Xeriscaping.” Do be aware, your xeriscape design will need approval from the Architecture Committee before you begin. The Committee can be contacted via this website, “Home” page, bottom right.