A Block House resident for almost five years, Marie has served as a Recreation Committee member for four of those five years! As a former kindergarten teacher—Sunday School teacher, too—and later as a kindergarten class mentor and PTA Board Member, she especially enjoys assisting with kids’ activities during events.

Now retired, Marie is particularly fond of watching her grandkids—that’s seven-year-old Nathian on the left and five-year-old Tanner on the right—as well as helping out her Mom. For hubby Aron, a Deputy with the Travis County Sheriff’s Department, Marie cheerfully answers the call for her services on an as-needed basis as a language interpreter. She also enjoys self defense instruction, target shooting, and motorcycle riding!

Marie and Aron describe Block House Creek place as a great community. “We love living here. We especially appreciate that Block House is so family-oriented and has so much available for all ages. Our grandkids love to come up, especially for events.” As a police officer, Aron likes the fact that so many Travis and Williamson County officers reside in Block House Creek. He and Marie enjoy walking the throughout neighborhood. “Ours is a safe community,” says Aron.

A big round of applause to Outstanding Volunteer Marie Woloch and her fantastic family!