It was twelve years ago, that Amber Wood (a former high school Spanish teacher now stay-at-home Mom and part-time English/Spanish translator for the Bojorquez Law Firm) and husband, Chris (a software engineer with National Instruments), began searching for their first home. “We were looking for affordability and an established neighborhood, somewhere we could see raising children. When we found Block House Creek, we felt we’d discovered a hidden gem!”

As new arrivals to the neighborhood, Amber and Chris were not yet community-oriented and rarely took advantage of the amenities, but when Audrey and Ethan came along, things changed. They felt the urge to become more involved and treat the kids to the pools, parks, and the fun of community events. It was at the OA-sponsored Harvest Fest last year that Amber first met a member of the OA’s Recreation Committee who encouraged her to take part. Says Amber, “I didn’t know any of the volunteers, but when I joined, I immediately found everyone to be very friendly, welcoming, and certainly open to new ideas.” Today, as a Recreation Committee member, not only does Amber assist with what she describes as impressive OA-sponsored events, she has also served as the primary coordinator for two new classes, the popular Kids Kitchen and the Adult Safety and Self Defense Seminar.

Amber equally enjoys her involvement with the Leander MOMS Club, a non-profit international organization for stay-at-home Moms, for which group she serves as secretary. “The Leander Mom’s Club organizes local activities, playdates and outings for kids, Moms’ Nights Out, a book club, a recipe club, and also supports local charities. Our target audience is Moms whose kids are not yet in school. It’s a wonderful avenue to connect with other moms, be a part of a support system, and gain access to a variety of recreational activities for your children.” Should you wish to learn more about the Leander MOMS Club, Amber encourages you to visit:

Amber and Chris hold the opinion that Block House Creek is a proactive environment, a major contributor to their ongoing “hidden gem” assessment of the neighborhood. Says Amber, “Our leaders are hard-working, caring individuals who do all they can to improve our community. What we have in Block House Creek is unique. My friends in other neighborhoods are often surprised—and a little envious—when they hear about all that is happening in BHC.”  Chris also likes the development that has taken place nearby. “In a way,” he says, “this area has ‘grown up’. There’s lots available to us now.”

So what do the kids like about Block House Creek? Of course, the pools and parks. But for Audrey, it’s the flowers and the butterflies. For Ethan, it’s watching the squirrels and throwing rocks in the creek.

A big thanks and heartiest congratulations to Amber Wood! Amber, you are not only a welcome addition to the Recreation Committee but an outstanding volunteer!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with the Recreation Committee4 or any other OA committee, just let us know—home page, bottom right! We would love to have you on our team!