In an effort to ensure that Block House Creek homeowners are knowledgeable about the Association itself, the work of the BHC OA Board of Directors, and the community in general, your Publicity Committee is launching… Q&A! Via Q&A postings, Question and Answers will periodically appear on the website that address questions members have submitted as well as general “need to knows”. Should you wish to submit a question to be addressed in a Q&A, please make Publicity Chairperson Pam Phillips aware, home page, bottom right, or send your question directly to

And now… Q&A One!



Q: How do I contact the Board of Directors?

A: There are a number of effective ways residents can contact members of the Association’s Board of Directors.

The fastest method is via the “Contact the BHC Owners Association” contact block at the bottom right of the website’s home page— So where does that message go? It goes into a mailbox set up by website designers to ensure that your messages reach the intended audience. Both the website and that particular mailbox are managed by Publicity Chairperson Pam Phillips. Upon receipt of a message, Pam shares your comments with appropriate Board Members, chairpersons, and when relevant, with the Association’s Management Company, Pinnacle Texas Management Services. Residents may also contact Pinnacle Texas Management Services directly via the link located at the bottom right of the Association’s home page.

An excellent way to communicate with members of the Board is to attend a monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, sign in, and present your comments during the “Citizen Communication” portion of the agenda. Announcements of upcoming Board meetings, which include the agenda, are publicized across all communication venues (website, e-blast, and Facebook) at least 72 hours in advance of every meeting. When you attend a Board meeting, not only do you have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Board members, you also have the opportunity to become better informed of the work of both the Board and the committees that so diligently serve our community.

Why do Board members not allow their phone numbers and e-mail addresses to be publicized? Board members not only want to hear from you, they want to handle communications as efficiently as possible. Over the years, it has been determined that the most efficient way to handle incoming communications/questions is to stream informational requests through a single email address and allow the designated manager to forward to the appropriate Director or subcommittee. By using this method, Directors are able to have on record when an email came in, how many have come in related to a particular subject, have documentation as to which individual was tasked with responding to the resident, and, if necessary, take further measures. Rest assured. The entire Board, which certainly includes the communications manager, take each and every contact seriously and diligently strive to be as responsive as possible. When you make contact via the venues now in place, Board members, committee members, and the Association’s Management Company are immediately made aware of your question/concern and cooperatively strive to ensure that you receive a timely response.

Please bear in mind. Directors are volunteers who devote a great deal of their personal time each month to the wellbeing of our community. Sharing of responsibilities and attention to time commitments is a very important consideration. These are individuals who proudly call Block House Creek home and strongly desire that every resident shares in that opinion.

Thanks to the diligent effort of many volunteers, BHC OA boards, past and present, have accomplished setting a standard—thanks to the programs, policies, events, and communication venues that have been created and successfully managed over so many years—among OAs in Central Texas. As a result, Block House Creek is an award-winning community as well as the beloved community we proudly call home.