Back in 2006 when Ursula Logan and family relocated from Seattle and decided to call Block House Creek home, Ursula recognized right away that she and her family had never before lived in a neighborhood where water and other amenities were provided by a Municipal Utility District (MUD) or where a Home Owners Association existed. But, it didn’t take her long to familiarize herself with the parameters, identify areas in which she could be of assistance, and become a Block House Creek Owner Association (BHC OA) volunteer.

It was Ursula who successfully led the coalition to increase the BHC OA Board member count from three to five. Within a short period of time, she shared with the newly seated five-member Board her concerns on subjects with community-wide impact that she felt were in need of improvement. Shortly thereafter, she took on the role of Chair of the Maintenance and Safety (M&S) Committee, a perfect spot through which she was able to take positive action.

Ursula served as Chair of the M&S Committee for two years. In light of her valuable contributions as committee chair, she was invited to run and was subsequently elected to the Association’s Board of Directors. Initially, she served as Board Secretary and thereafter served a two year term as Board President. Today, she serves as Secretary of the MUD Board of Directors. Nonetheless, on behalf of the Association, she has resumed her role as Chair of M&S Committee.

Thanks to Ursula’s dedication to ensuring the unity of the Block House Creek Community, many safety and recognition events that have now become a part of the Association’s annual schedule were the result of her initiation and succeeded thanks to her planning, coordination, and leadership. Undoubtedly the most popular event, which is now just on the other side of its’ 6th year, is BHC OA’s BBQ Cook-Off—Smoking Out Crime In Block House Creek. Come the 4th of July, residents enjoy the event that places flags along the entire three-mile loop. At Christmas, it’s the Outdoor Decorating Contest and the placement of the Light Up the Night luminaries along the loop. During the spring and summer, the Association now recognizes exceptional lawns through the Yard of the Month program.

On the subject of safety, it was Ursula who spearheaded the effort to ensure installation of the stoplight at Scottsdale, the safety signs at all exits of Block House Creek, School Crosswalk Safety Day, local expansion of the National Bicycle Safety program, and local implementation of National Night Out. On the side of communication, it was she who fostered the installation of the district’s electronic sign.

In her own words, “Living in a master planned community affords residents all sorts of benefits of being part of a tight community. I took it on as my responsibility to my family to ensure that Block House Creek remains a safe and welcoming community. I am a firm believer in being active in volunteer work, probably because I have a long history of volunteering for organizations that help educate and empower children and needy families. Yes. One person can make a difference, but the efforts of others are required to ensure that our unique BHC continues to grow, thrive, and be the community we love. It is important that we all work together within groups—school, MUD, OA, swim team, county, state—to ensure the best outcomes. I am not alone in my efforts on behalf of either the Association or MUD. I would love to put an OA Outstanding Volunteer sign in the yard of every volunteer who has helped and supported me in making so many projects and events a success.”

Block House Creek Owners Association is truly blessed to have many volunteers who deserve to be recognized as outstanding, but few have devoted so many years and given back to the community in so many ways as Ursula. How befitting it is that the initiator of the Association’s Outstanding Volunteer program is being recognized as the Association’s latest Outstanding Volunteer. Today we proudly extend that honor to none other than our much admired and much loved Ursula Logan!