CONGRATULATIONS TO BHC OA’S LATEST OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER! This is a first for your Association—the recognition of an outstanding volunteer who is NOT an adult, but an eager and much loved volunteer known us all as Carter, a soon-to-be fifth grader!

Carter is thrilled that his Mom and Dad, Anissa and Mike Alepa, chose Block House Creek as the neighborhood they wished to call home. Their boys, Jake, Carter, and Hudson, were still a sparkle in their eyes 15 years ago when Mom and Dad chose Block House, but in their opinion, it was Block House Creek that offered the atmosphere and the amenities they wanted available to their planned family. “We absolutely loved the area—the creek, trees, pools, the parks, and especially the community atmosphere” says Mom. “Today, we love the fact that we don’t have to leave Block House Creek to participate in all the activities we and our children love. We sincerely enjoy everything that is so readily available here and especially the great friendships we and our kids have established. We love the fact, our kids, too, that we can be involved, such a great way to support your community as well as a great way to meet people and establish new and lasting friendships.”

How does Carter feel about Block House Creek? “I like to ride my bike and go to the bike trails. I like my school and the pools. When Christmas comes, I like getting to see Santa and put out the lights. But my favorite thing is getting to put out the flags. It’s fun and it helps people.” As for being acknowledged as an outstanding volunteer, Carter is very proud of the fact that he was “the first kid to get this.” So is Dad. “I’m just very excited for him and very proud.”

The Alepa family is always willing to lend a hand, but it is Carter who enthusiastically jumps in to help as often as he can, even with the not-so-easy projects—the Association’s Light Up the Night, 4th of July Let’s Line the Loop, the Smoking Out Crime in Block House Creek BBQ Cook-Off, and more.

In celebration of this year’s Let’s Line the Loop, Carter and Mom helped the Association put out over 1,500 flags. Mom certainly worked hard, but Carter went above and beyond, not only by ardently helping put out flags, but by subsequently asking if he could help pick up the flags the next day. Come July 5th, when volunteers were not as abundant, he walked the loop picking up flag after flag. After the job of collecting was done, it was Carter who lead the task of counting and bundling all those flags into groups of 25. He then packed all the bundles of 25 into storage boxes, helped load the van headed for the storage unit, and, after all was packed and loaded, assisted in the clean-up effort by picking up trash. Once done, Carter approached the event coordinator with a question. “Can I help do this next time?” What’s more, according to Mom, Carter is always willing to help around the house. “He just has a really big heart!” Your Association agrees, thus we have our first ever outstanding kid volunteer!

Congratulations, Carter, and a big thank you for your help with so many Association events over the past few years! You are truly an outstanding volunteer, a great example of the fact that age doesn’t matter when it comes to volunteering, and certainly deserving of being acknowledged as the first youngster to be recognized. A big thanks also goes to Mom and Dad! Not only are you great volunteers as well, but you are raising not only a fine volunteer but a fine young man!