My neighbor’s dog(s) bark all day and through most of the night. What options do I have to get my neighbor to make the dog(s) stop barking?

Problems arise when people and their animals live in close proximity. It’s a common problem in many neighborhoods that obnoxious neighbors allow their dog(s) to bark loudly and over extended periods of time. What are your options if you are unfortunate enough to be dealing with barking dogs on a regular basis?

As a general rule, you should try first try talking to your neighbor(s) in an attempt to achieve a friendly resolution to the problem. For starters, suggest that they keep their your dog(s) inside, especially during nighttime hours. Assuming a neighborly chat does not resolve the problem. Your Home Owners Association can certainly address the situation to a point, but the best possible resolution is one-on-one communication with your neighbor.

If, after trying the one-on-one communications, the barking is still a problem, the good news is that most counties have certain restrictions applicable to noisy animals—Williamson County included. An option is to file a noise complaint with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.

The easiest and most workable solution is that all residents remain aware that if your dog(s) are barkers, take the appropriate measures and do NOT let them become a nuisance to your neighbors!