BHC families! Come join in on the OA’s Lantern Parade, Saturday, October 27th! Your Association wants to light up the parade with lanterns and wants you and your family to take part!

So exactly what constitutes a workable lantern? Anything with lights! For example, put battery-powered lights (maybe from the holidays) in a decorated jug, drop the battery-powered lights into a container, and voila! You have a lantern!

If you want something more elaborate, sign up for one of the three upcoming BHC OA workshops scheduled for October 11th, 18th and 20th. Sign-ups are via Eventbrite.•••

Event Parade Marshall will be BHC OA’s Board of Directors President Ken Soule. The Minor Misfits Marching Band will lead the parade and play afterward. We do hope you’ll participate and make it a magical night for all.

Do you cosplay? Then wear your costume! And, children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes. Plus, across several categories, there’ll be prizes for best lanterns and best costumes!

Hope to see you there!

•••Come see what a Lantern Parade is all about, and learn to make a lantern for the Lantern Parade. Numerous techniques will be demonstrated and you will take a completed lantern home with you. If you have a youngster between the ages of 6 and 12, bring him or her along. Each child will create a lantern.

WHERE? Jumano Park Community Center

WHEN?  October 11th • October 18th • October 20th

To sign up, visit the links provided below: