Members wishing to vote online may do so by going to and logging in to the Homeowner
Information Portal. Online voting will close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 6, 2019.
If you have already registered for the Homeowner Information Portal, you are ready to go! Log in and click on the VOTE HERE button to cast your vote.
If you have not yet registered for the Homeowner Information Portal, you will need to do so before casting your vote online. See below for registration instructions.

Homeowner Information Portal
Pinnacle Texas offers a Homeowner Information Portal, allowing homeowners to have password-protected access to account information, opt-in for electronic delivery of correspondence, and cast online votes in Association elections.
To use the portal, you must register an owner profile. You can then log in to the portal and utilize its features, including
online voting in the Director Election.
To register an owner profile and access the portal for the first time:

 Go to the Pinnacle Texas home page at and choose the “Homeowner Information Portal” link.

When presented with the login screen, click on the “register” link to create your profile. You will be asked for the following information:
Account # – this is the number starting with 740 that uniquely identifies your property. You can find it in the top right of your Account Statement (included in this mailing).

Account key – this number appears on your Account Statement on the right side of the page just under
the line. You will need this number only once, for the initial registration of your profile.
Your first name and last name
Your email address – this will be what you use to log in and is the email address that your
correspondence will be sent to if you sign up for electronic document delivery
Your password (twice) – a password of at least six characters
Click on the Register button to create your profile
The BHC Owners Association will send emails to members for whom the Association has email addresses on file. The
email will invite the member to vote in the Director Election.
NOTE – You may vote online and help establish quorum even if you plan to attend the annual meeting. Voting online will count towards the 10% (123 member) quorum requirement.