IT’S SHRED AWAY DAY! Coming in October, from 9:00 AM to Noon, at Jumano Park, 1301 Black Kettle Dr. So get ready! (Specific date will be announced via eblast and on social media.)
Put your bags of shreddables (no limit) in the back of your vehicle and bring them to Jumano Park. The Shred-It attendant will remove them from your vehicle and you are done!Workers will be taking extra care to ensure Covid safety precautions are followed.
You don’t have to worry about removing paper clips or staples either. What CANNOT be accepted? No hanging file folders, three-ring binders, binder clips, or media, such as CDs or tapes.
This event is open to ALL residents of Block House Creek. Proof of residency will be required, so bring a copy of your water bill or a driver’s license identifying your current address as within Block House Creek. Sponsored by the BHC OA