Please deliver items by the 22nd.
Thank you to all that have signed up to give for the Christmas dinners. The following list is what we’re still in need of to be donated for our families.
Bags of Cranberries (2)
Sweet Potatoes (5) 5 bags or 30 Individual (I have 2 sign ups. But not a specified amount)
Celery (3)
Bags of Oranges (4)
Romaine (3)
Tomatoes (5)
Bunches of Radishes (4)
Bags of Onions (Red) (5)
Bags of Onions (3) White or Yellow
Bags of Potatoes (1)
Dressing (4)
Butter (4)
Sugar (4) 4 lb bag
Cream Cheese (9) 8 oz package
Graham Cracker Pie Crusts (4) 6oz
Rolls (5)
Gravy (10)