Attention BHC!! Come join in on the Lantern Parade, Saturday, October 1st! Your Association wants to light up the parade with lanterns and wants you and your family to take part! We do hope you’ll participate and make it a magical night for all.
So what exactly constitutes a workable lantern? Anything with lights! For example, put battery powered lights (maybe from the holidays) in a decorated jug, drop the battery-powered lights into a container, and voila! You have a lantern!
If you want something more elaborate, sign up for one of the two remaining lantern workshops on, scheduled for September 24th and 28th.
We are very proud to present the world famous Minor Mishap Marching Band that can be described as Bourbon Street meets Budapest. Check them out at the links below:
We will meet at the Pavilion at 6pm, gather and have a lantern contest where judges will award best lanterns. We will then line up and begin the march! There will be a shuttle service at the end of the route to bring people back to their vehicles parked by the Walker House.

May be an image of text that says 'LIVE MuSiC October 1st me6pm tojoin the parade Lantern Parade GUEST Minor SPECIAL Mishap Everyone is invited to join or watch the parade! Shuttle service at the end of the route. Build a lantern for free, to sign up for a workshop'