BHC Owners Association Board Meeting Agenda
March 14th, 2024 @ 6:30 PM
1. Communications from the MUD
2. Communications from residents
3. February 2, 2024 Minutes approval
4. Events for March and April 2024
a. Joint events with the MUD
b. Safety Day April 16
c. June pool party
5. Transition between Pinnacle and RowCal
a. Review items not received
6. Ratify decisions made in January and February 2024 and in
executive session as needed
a. Engagement letter
b. Signing of contract with RowCal
c. Begin date of contract
d. Other permissions
7. Finalize CPA audit
8. Update on old and new financial accounts
9. Updating information for other accounts
a. Zoom
b. Eventbrite
c. Website
10. ICRG accounts
11. Electronic Sign
12. Maintaining records
13. Any other information that may come before the Board
14. Executive Session
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Meeting ID: 333 955 4260
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