Sandie Martin

Sandy Martin


Living in Block House Creek for over twenty years has been an opportunity to watch our neighborhood grow and to see the many new and different issues we face. When considering a Board position, I began attending meetings and signed on as an Architectural Committee member. As a result, I have been fortunate to meet many amazing people striving to protect our interests as homeowners. Considering my previous experience in working with diverse groups of people, on behalf of residents, it is my desire is to supplement the Association’s educational efforts across a broad range of subjects. I look forward to being a part of this Board as we continue to grow and change.

Sandy retired from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) ten years ago where she served as a parole officer, auditor, contract monitor supervisor, and Assistant Director in Warrants and Review and Release Processing. In addition, she served two different legislators during two sessions at the Capitol. After retirement, she began concentrating on volunteer activities.


Lisa Pepperell

Lisa Pepperell

Vice President

I’ve lived in BHC for 18 years. My Husband and I have raised our family here. We’ve always loved the BHC community. We sought it out, due to it’s amenities and schools. Some of the activities I’ve been involved with over the years include the Girl Scouts, Tidal waves, and PTA. I look forward to trying to further improve the community we all cherish and love.


BHCOA’s Committees are always anxious for residents to join in the effort to keep our community fun, safe, and well informed. Should you have a desire to participate, in any capacity, for any period of time, please contact the chairperson of the committee of your interest.


rchitectural Control Committee

Your Architectural Control Committee reviews all plans and specifications for improvements to all lots within the Association, assists in enforcement of Deed Restrictions, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding maintenance of common areas.


Heike Santiago

Barry Childress

Alicia Esposito


aintenance & Safety

BHCOA’s Maintenance and Safety Committee strives to ensure the well being of Block House residents and their families, including the provision of day-to-day and seasonal safety tips, working with local authorities and corporate sponsorships on promoting safety, implementing national awareness events, communicating national and local guidelines, and offering response measures to alleviate emergency situations.

Chairperson Ursula Logan



Your Publicity Committee works hand-in-hand with other committees to keep members informed on all activities and functions of the Association, publicizes community-wide events and activities, designs, writes, edits, and distributes the Association’s communications, manages the organization’s website and Facebook page, and distributes e-mail distributions to members who have signed on to receive instant notification of important information.

Chairperson Lisa Pepperell


ecreation Committee

The Recreation Committee plans neighborhood parties and other Association events, helps organize neighborhood play groups, assists in organizing a neighborhood welcoming committee, and works alongside the Publicity Committee to publicize each and every activity.



Carolyn Patrick
Christy Garibay